months nineteen through twenty-four

well, two years of fellowship are done.  on july 1, i started my third and final year.  unbelievable.  it’s all gone by so fast.  this final year will be the lightest of the three…lots of clinics where i’ll refine my clinical skills.  over the past six months, i’ve completed the required half-year of hematology inpatient consultations which fulfills my obligations to be board-eligible in both hematology and oncology.  these were six very busy but very rewarding months.  the hematology rotations offered one of the steepest learning curves of my fellowship.


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co-cathedral of the sacred heart

catholicism is a religion which prides itself on the agedness of its churches.  therefore, we catholics don’t often get to see new churches erected.  however, last weekend a new cathedral opened in houston.  enjoy some pictures below of the new co-cathedral of the sacred heart located in the heart of downtown houston.

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homage to coffee

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vancouver, bc

enjoy some pictures below from my recent ski trip to vancouver with keri and shad.

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one amazing meal

i just returned from a great ski trip to whistler, british columbia, with keri and shad.  just before our return, we had an amazing meal at lumiere, a vancouver restaurant that truly excels at the often attempted but rarely successful eclectic french fare.  as a native louisianian, i like to think that i know how good food tastes.  this, my friends, was good food.  very few meals deserve a course-by-course pictorial history, but this one certainly made the cut.  enjoy!img_8671.jpg img_8648-revised.jpg 

ahi tuna sashimi with yukon gold potato relish 


pate of foie gras served with orange flavored toasted brioche 


 cream of caramelized onion soup with mushrooms, truffle oil, and shaved black truffle 


pan-seared scallops with quail eggs, seared potatoes, and broccoli florets 


seared duck breast with foie gras


seared venison loin with grilled pearl onions, celery, and fennel served with a chocolate stripe and red wine reduction


artisan cheese platter


leichi sorbet with blood orange segments, cumquats, and leichi pearls 


chocolate ice cream, pineapple and homemade marshmallow salad, and mandarin orange milkshake with cardamom


warm chocolate fudge cake with passion fruit sorbet, caramel sauce, passionfruit reduction, and a painted chocolate stripe


assorted hand-made cookies and candies 


double espresso with raw sugar cubes 


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half way done

first, i apologize for my long absence from the blog.  a lot has happened since my last update.  most importantly, december marked the halfway point of my fellowship, and lsu won the national championship. over the past couple months, i’ve been on the general oncology consult service at outlying hospitals where md anderson provides the oncologic care.  starting in january, i began the six-month portion of my fellowship dedicated to hematology which will make me eligible to sit for both the oncology and hematology boards which are separate board certifications. more updates to follow as the hematology rotations progress.  it’s hard to believe that upon completion of this six-month block in june, i will be at the start of my third and final year of fellowship.

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lsu in the national championship!!!

after such a crazy season, who could have predicted that we’d be playing for the bcs championship?  in the words of our beloved jim hawthorne, “my, oh my!” to add to the craziness, the entire gameday crew just picked the tigers to win the championship on january 7 in the dome!  an amazing culmination to an amazing season.  go tigers!  279-07_z1.jpg        

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