au revoir a la nouvelle orleans

after seven great years and one not-so-great year, here are a few of my new orleans pictures in tribute to a great city.











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7 responses to “au revoir a la nouvelle orleans

  1. pretty dang good that you loaded all those pictures!!! seriously, i love them all!

  2. Eddie Benoit

    This city has lost a great friend, a great doctor, and one of its best Heroes!

  3. Keri

    this is a great idea. i love all the pictures, but maybe you can get a better family picture (when my hair is not so awful!!)
    love ya,

  4. Cacky

    I wish you didn’t have to leave. Who is going to be around to feed me the gossip? It is going to be tough without you. Have fun in Houston!

  5. Jamie

    I’m missing you already! I doubt Houston will have as much character as New Orleans, but I’m looking forward to hearing all about it. We love you, and we’ll miss you dearly!

  6. Tonya

    welcome to the blogging community. Seems like everyone has one now, and I’m glad you do! Gosh, can’t believe the state is losing another smart mind. Hope you come back…fer reel! Keep the evacuees and the immigrants healthy – yess indeed…..

  7. Dawn


    I love the opportunity to keep up with you this way. Thanks for the pictures and the memories. We are looking forward to seeing you June 16 as you begin a new chapter in an already exciting and wonderful book. Eddie’s comment speaks for us all.

    Love You,


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