my new home

sorry for the delay in updating my blog. i’ve been very busy since my move to houston. work begins soon, and i can’t wait. enjoy some photos of my house.
my house
living room
dining room
master bedroom
master bath
guest bedroom
a view from the balcony



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7 responses to “my new home

  1. Keri

    Thanks for the pics. The place looks great. You have done so much since we left.

  2. vince… i just made a decision. i am pretty sure that we should switch careers. i am confident that i could step into this fellowship thing just fine and you could work in the design world! yay! i feel so much better now…

  3. Great looking place. You have done a beautiful job. Now it’s time for you to rest a little and get ready for work. Let me know about navy blue for the dust ruffle. I don’t see navy in the photos.

  4. Dawn

    Unbelievable is all I can say!! Your home is beautiful and I love the new things that you have added since our visit..



  5. Arthur

    Vince, the place looks incredible. Cant wait for Sadye and I to go visit. I do think I saw the loop in the pic from your balcony. Enjoy Houston!!!


    PS— If a patient of yours says that her mom had “Squirmaderma” she may mean scleroderma (just something I learned in clinic this week)

  6. Dana Rachelle

    Your house is beautiful !!!!! I know your family is very proud of you. It is so nice seeing you do so well.
    All I can ask is, are you still single? Just in case things don’t work out over here in Jennings!!! (LOL) just kiddning … give me a call just in case.
    Miss you !!!
    Dana Rachelle

  7. Please tell me that wine cooler is not still empty…

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