it’s official

today, my fellowship officially began. there is no question that this is the place to be for training in oncology. i will keep this blog entry short. rounds on the lymphoma service start at 6:15 am. happy fourth of july.




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8 responses to “it’s official

  1. yay for the new turquoise logo! im working on figuring out a way to send the puppy to Houston. Jazz is so excited you have decided to adopt her!!! ash

  2. Keri


  3. Jay

    Thats awesome Vince!

  4. Eddie Benoit

    I am so glad you are happy with your new position and home, but equally unhappy that I missed writing you for your birthday two days ago! Hope you had a good day, and that you have a great year!

  5. Dawn

    I Love Your New White Coat. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
    Before I Know It, I’ll Be Giving Chemo That You Ordered Dr. Cataldo!

    Love You,


  6. Michelle and Rick

    Vince everything looks great and your new home looks beautiful. You deserve everything you have worked for and more. I also know alot of other famous short people like your sister Keri and I saw tatoo once in person:):)

    Take care
    Rick and Michelle and Kaylee:):)

  7. Tonya

    ohmugawd. you’ve come a long way baby! Sophie looked at the photo and said “somebody cut his face off the picture!” gotta love it.

  8. Bambi LeBlanc

    I thought I taught you to use the left and right shift keys . . .BUT you were too busy watching Miss Kristalynn Buggage!!! Glad to see you’re using your computer skills to this magnitude!!! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU DOC!!!

    Ran into Dawn at the big MART in D’ville on Sunday. . . (By now, Logan is riding SPACE MOUNTAIN for the 10th time) . . . our visit was THERAPY at best for me . . .

    To hell with Crate & Barrel. . . you’re moving ON UP. . . just tell the decorator to have them delivered and placed for you. . .

    love & miss you-miss leblanc

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